Glorious Name

Glorious Name
©2013 Underspoken Music Publishing. Words & Music by Brady Toops. CCLI Song #6637314

You are the one true God over all the earth
Our King, and the Father’s love
Who became our sin to save and to overcome
By Your glorious Name
By Your glorious Name

For You are the Lord, the Lord God so merciful
You are the Lord, You’re abounding in lovingkindness
You are the Lord, full of grace and full of truth
Oh You never change, Oh, what a glorious Name

You are the risen Son, high above the earth
Our Lord, the victorious One,
Let the nations bring you praise,
Let the nations come
To Your glorious Name
Oh Your glorious Name

There’s no one like You, oh no one like You
So great and marvelous, we cry out
Show us Your glory, only Your glory
You’re great and glorious