God The Spirit

Matt Boswell’s version can be heard (and downloaded for free!) here.
©2010 Matt Boswell. Words: Samuel J. Stone, 1866. Music: Matt Boswell, 2010

Holy fount of inspiration
By whose gift the great of old
Spoke the word of revelation
Marvelous and manifold

God the Spirit we adore Thee,
In the Triune Godhead One
One in love and power and glory
With the Father and the Son

Author of the new creation,
Giver of the second birth
May Thy ceaseless renovation
Cleanse our souls from stains of earth

When we wander Lord direct us,
Keep us in the Master’s way
Let Thy strong swift sword protect us
Warring in the evil day
Shall the church now faint or fear
When the Comforter is near?