Even In This Place

Even In This Place
Words & Music by Cameron Gray. ©2015 Rough Harbor Music

Where the stone breaks the plow,
Where the thorn chokes the wheat,
Where the sweat burns my brow,
Where there’s wolves among the sheep

Even in this place,
Even in this place—

Our God is in this place,
Our God is in this place,
Emmanuel with the saints
Our God is here,
Even in this place.

In darkness deep, where sorrows low
Stack like stones ‘neath my head
Your Promise keeps where’re I go
A Kingdom calling in the wilderness

Our God is in this place,
Our God is in this place,
Spirit, awaken the saints
Groaning creation awaits—

Daughters and sons bringing Your kingdom come,
Hope ringing true through the work that they do,
Righteousness reigns as they walk in Your way,
A City made glad will shout out on that Day—

Gen 28:10-17; Gen 3:17; Matt 13:7; Matt 7:15; Isaiah 7:14; Matt 1:23; Prov 11:10; Phil 2:12; 1 Peter 2:9; John 4:23-24; Matt 12:6; Eph 2:21; Rev 21:3; Psalm 46:4

A Work Song.
Christians are in the same situation as everybody: Our work is difficult and broken and frustrating—the same as everyone else. But with one huge difference—we are actually part of God’s solution to the brokenness of work.

One day He will return and make all things new, including work. But until that day comes, He has chosen to put His Spirit in us and send us out to sweat and to groan and to work alongside our neighbors. By His Spirit, we bring His presence with us into our broken workplaces, where He works in us and through us to multiply His goodness and to bear fruit for His kingdom.

Emmanuel means God With Us—even in the wilderness of our work.