Laden with Guilt & Full of Fears

Laden with Guilt and Full of Fears
©2001 Same Old Dress Music (ASCAP). Words: Isaac Watts, 1709. Music: Sandra McCracken. CCLI Song #3421712

Laden with guilt and full of fears,
I fly to Thee, my Lord,
And not a glimpse of hope appears,
But in Thy written Word
The volume of my Father’s grace
Does all my griefs assuage
Here I behold my Savior’s face
In every page.

This is the field where, hidden, lies
The pearl of price unknown
That merchant is divinely wise
Who makes the pearl his own
Here consecrated water flows
To quench my thirst of sin
Here the fair tree of knowledge grows,
No danger dwells within.

This is the judge that ends the strife,
Where wit and reason fail
My guide to everlasting life
Through all this gloomy vale
Oh may Thy counsels, mighty God,
My roving feet command,
Nor I forsake the happy road
That leads to Thy right hand.

Scripture References:
Luke 24:25-27; Matt 13:44-46; John 7:37-38; Jer 17:12-13