Sweet Comfort

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Sweet Comfort
Words & Music by Cameron Gray. © 2009 Rough Harbor Music

Oh sweet comfort, can I call you my own?
Will you let me lay my aching head on your breastbone?
Can I crawl inside your arms and make myself a home?
Oh sweet comfort, come for me.

Come on, sweet comfort, won’t you pick up the phone?
Tonight I’m broke and drunk and sad and sleeping all alone
Can I lay with you when all my other lovers go?
Oh sweet comfort, come for me.

Come on, dark night, lay your skin over me
Come on, bright dawn, break your fist across my cheek
When I’m sure I’ve broken every promise left to break
Oh sweet comfort, come for me.

Late at night, totally sick with no voice. Recorded on iFriend within 10 minutes of writing it.