Benign in 09!

Just got back from the endocrinologist. Mellie is officially benign!

We are relieved, joyful, stunned, a little confused. The original biopsy was highly suspicious for cancer, but the final pathology report came back completely clear. It is much more likely that surgery confirms a suspicious biopsy, or the biopsy is negative but surgery reveals cancer. The doctor said that in her 11 years of practice she has only seen it happen this way twice.

I knew Mellie was special.

So we are stoked. But confused. Mellie is now down one thyroid and has to take a pill for the rest of her life. What was all this about? Was there ever any cancer? What are we supposed to take away from this episode?

I believe God is sovereign, which means among other things that nothing random happens. I also believe he is good. I don’t always know how those two fit together.

But I know Mellie is cancer-free. She’s on the mend. Thank you God. Thank you family and friends.

She’s gonna have the cutest little scar.