On the Mend

Mellie’s little thyroid went to be with the Lord Tuesday, Feb 24 at about 1pm. Hopefully it won’t be missed.

Surgery took 2 hours. Doc said all went well, Mellie was a champ. Initial tests look cancer-free! Thank God and thanks for your prayers. We’ll get the full pathology report when we get a check-up next Wednesday. A bunch of folks came by for a visit post-surgery, bringing warm fuzzies for Mellie. No beds at the hospital so we stayed in Post-Op for the night. Pretty lame place to begin recovery—lights on, slamming doors, people in and out all night, not to mention somebody drawing blood or prodding her with questions every three hours. I doubt she got more than a couple minutes of sleep at a time. I’m sure me snoring in the chair beside her didn’t help. We made it out of there by 11 the next morning; our hospital stay was almost exactly 24 hours. Mellie got to ride in a wheelchair out to my waiting car. Got her home and tucked into bed, and she’s been resting ever since. Mom and Darci have been great, the three of us just hanging out and helping M with whatever she needs. We’ve declined most visitors but friends have been delivering meals each night. How awesome to have such great support! We have a little womb here, safe and warm and well-fed, and Mellie is on the mend.