Star Mapping

Last week Mellie and I headed up to the Laguna Mountains with our friends Nate, Sarah and Matt to check out the Perseid Meteor Shower. Supplied with Trader Joe’s peanut butter pretzels and our comfy groundpads, Mellie and I snuggled up under our sleeping bags in the middle of a big field to watch the show. It turned out to not be much of a show since the shower had peaked the night before. But, having nerdish tendancies, I had brought a star-map. So we spent the next couple hours identifying constellations and catching glimpses of the occasional fireball streaking across the night sky. Download my star map!

One thought on “Star Mapping”

  1. you should have brought coke and pop rocks. that would have sure made up for the lack of excitement when the showers didn’t show…

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