Surgery Details

Tuesday, Feb. 24th, is Surgery Day. Adios, lil’ Mellie thyroid!

Here are the details:
Kaiser Zion
Check-in for pre-op at 2pm
Pre-op 2-4pm or so, 1 visitor allowed at a time
Surgery goes til around 6 or 7pm
Afterward Mellie hangs out for a couple hours before she can have visitors again

Odds are that she’ll be there overnight!
Room service and bed pans… high class.

Tomorrow we’re heading up to the mountains. Mellie wants to make sure that if anything goes wrong on Tuesday she won’t have spent her last few moments hunched in front of a laptop working for somebody else. So tomorrow is designated Fun Day.

I think we’ll hike in to the Three Sisters waterfalls. We’ve never done this one before. With the recent rains it should be pretty great!