The C-word

We found out last Sunday that there is a good chance that Mellie has papillary thyroid cancer. It’s very, very treatable, but they want to remove her thyroid next Tuesday. It’s all happening pretty fast and we’re trying to clear schedules and get some questions answered before moving ahead. Prayers are appreciated. There has been a wonderful outpouring of love and concern from our community of friends and family. Thanks for the good vibes!

Today we met with the surgeon for the pre-Op. He answered a bunch of questions for us about the procedure. He was very positive and confident and kind. Mellie is scheduled to go under the knife next Tuesday Feb 24. We’ll get the exact time later. Mellie also got an EKG. First timer! I’ve never had one, so I was jealous. At first she thought EKG was one of those things where you rub the paddles together and shout “Clear!” before you zap the person’s body, making them convulse off the gurney. That’s not an EKG, but it does sound like a fun Wii game.